Welcome to The Heights Tea Estate

Welcome to the mountain home of The Heights Tea Estate – 2500 acres of wilderness where wild Honeybush grows naturally on the slopes and south facing reaches of the mountains.Blessed with an abundance of fresh water emerging from the peaks and the sweep of cool mists from the Southern Indian Ocean, Honeybush has proliferated on these mountains since time immemorial.

Established in 2005, The Heights Tea Estate has introduced a comprehensive programme of environmental and conservation practices in an effort to ensure the survival and sustainability of the rarest of South Africa’s herbal teas: Honeybush. Every effort has been made, from planting to harvesting, to safeguard the Wild Honeybush in its natural state for future generations to enjoy.

In 2010, a programme of propagation and cultivation was initiated in consultation with South Africa’s Agricultural Research Council and other conservation bodies with the aim of establishing the first commercial plantations in the region. The purpose behind this initiative was to try and achieve a balance between the need to protect the endemic Mountain Honeybush while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of the Honeybush industry. We are proud to say that we have come a long way in reaching our objective, although as you well know…with nature this is a never ending pursuit. Nonetheless, we have managed to establish a successful propagation programme in our dedicated Nursery, as well as in the design, development and cultivation of organic plantations in the most natural of habitats possible.

As we believe that “traditional” is best we are proud that both our Mountain tea and plantations are harvested by hand while strict environmental practices are observed. Our Wild and Organic Honeybush is then cured under controlled conditions and processed for export at The Heights Tea Processors.

Our small dedicated team invites you to enjoy our Honeybush,  produced and harvested in the wild. Simply steep in boiling water to best enjoy the sweet flavour and benefits of this precious herb." 

  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices

    Environmentally Sustainable Practices

    Over the past decade, various species of Honeybush have been harvested almost to extinction. So when it came to our Honeybush Tea, we believed we should not only conserve our own stocks of intermedia, but also initiate a programme to...

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  • Hand-Picked Wild Honeybush Tea

    Hand-Picked Wild Honeybush Tea

    We are extremely fortunate in that our Wild Honeybush, Cyclopia intermedia, is endemic to our area and grows wildly on the high mountain slopes of our Estate.

    The intermedia, however, is a slow growing species which requires a strict regime of...

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