Processing and Production

Wild Honeybush is endemic to the Tsisikamma in the Eastern Cape where our 2500-acre estate is situated. The Heights Tea Estate actively grows and cultivates different varieties of Cyclopia in a conservation programme designed to ensure the sustainability of this rare plant. This is achieved by propagating from seeds captured from our Wild Honeybush as well as from cuttings taken from the strongest plants. This careful selection is crucial to enhancing flavour and ensuring a continual supply.

The Heights Tea Estate Honeybush is grown and harvested under ecological conditions, single-sourced, and with 0-edge effect. It is entirely free of herbicides and pesticides, and processed in the traditional manner.

Depending on the species, harvesting is done through strict conservation practices to prolong the lifespan of Honeybush. Once harvested by hand, the tea is oven-fermented at high temperatures in a controlled environment to prevent contamination and bacteria-growth.

The Heights Tea Estate aspires to supply an abundance of Wild Honeybush which has been near-extinction. Organically grown, our Wild Honeybush is cultivated and processed under strict hygienic and eco-friendly conditions that do not compromise its aroma, flavour, colour, and inherent benefits.